I am a geek.  A geek is a good thing.   

There are many versions of this conversation, but for the purposes of this site, I use geek to mean someone well versed in technology and the obsessive application thereof.    

Further, “Hollywood Geek” means someone who is a geek and focuses their obsessive application of technology onto the production, distribution, and other supporting business functions of entertainment.  It is not simply enough to be an obsessive fan of entertainment (although one may be that as well) but Hollywood Geek is both producer/artist and technician.   

Meanwhile, here is one of my favorite memes regarding the definition.   

From Great White Snark

Note that Nerds also get respect here, because nerds is smart.   

While I was searching for the above, I happened to find this on Think Geek:   

If you don't get it, move along.

Everything on ThinkGeek is pretty much fantastic.  


Like, the Tauntaun sleeping bag.  Which is an actual product that allows you to recreate the infamous “split open the creature for warmth” scene from The Empire Strikes Back, complete with a mini light saber as the zipper handle.  

Pure geek genius.  


Or this, which took me a while to figure out, then when I did it became brilliant   

There are two levels of geek here.  First is the Star Trek reference, “Space.  The Final Frontier”  

Then there’s the web URL reference in which “%20” is a code for a blank “space.”   

Get it?  If you think that’s stupid, you’re probably not a geek. 

So the fact that I took as long as I did on this page alone?  You got it.  And proud.

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