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NFL Sunday Ticket and Chromecast

September 22, 2013 1 comment


It didn’t start working until week 3, but for me anyway the website version of NFL Sunday Ticket is finally responding without errors.  Looks like either DirecTV figured out the load issues or enough people quit trying that I got in.  Maybe both.

Once that was done I had to get the Googlecast extension installed which Chrome refused to do, it kept saying “installation is disabled” for that plug in (but not others) but after some Google searching the answer was simply “update Chrome.”  Not sure why the browser/install process didn’t tell me that during the flow.

When I first set up my Chromecast last week that setup prompted me to install Chrome as if I didn’t already have it, but I was using Chrome at the time, so I ignored that.  If they had just said “update” instead of “install” it would have been smoother.

Now I’m kicking back watching the game of my choice on my big screen without DirecTV.

$100 for EASports Madden 25 + $35 for Chromecast.

Next step is to improve the picture quality, my wifi has some issues.  But for now I don’t want to disturb anything so I’m not messin’ with it till after the Lions game.
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