About Mike Halleen

I never made up my mind whether I was a creative person or a techie.  Artist or nerd.  I live in the overlap and claim both.  When I meet other artists I’m usually the nerdiest one in the bunch, but when I hang out with engineers they mostly pin me as the “producer” and politely ask me to stop coding.

Though I probably didn’t have the stuff for MIT, I did consider going into computer science before veering off and going to film school. 

I’ve made a career around the application of technology to media like 3D animation, multi-media production and web casting.  I’ve also done straight up production work as a second AC/loader/clapper, script supervisor, camera operator, editor as well as non-media work in database applications, e-commerce, even tech support.

I’m an actor, photographer, writer and director, but I make my living as Senior Product Manager for Emerging Platforms at the Disney Interactive Media Group.  (However, nothing on this site is in Disney’s voice, I do not speak for Disney)

I like to think I have vision.  I’ve been guilty of saying “I thought of that years ago” after seeing a new product or technology, but there’s no value in such a sentiment other than to inspire myself to more effective execution in the present.

I love life and find joy all around me.  Today is the day.

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  1. Roberto Montesinos
    June 1, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    Helluva an actor also. I look forward to working with you again. Salud! I’d love to see what your thoughts are as how this new media affects Actors and that “horrible” word: residuals.

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