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Primer, possibly the best geek movie of all time

See Primer.  

It disappears from Netflix instant view at the end of this month (May 2010) so get on it already.  

I’m not going to write a detailed review because it’s already been done and it would melt my mind, but this is absolutely one of the most interesting films of the last decade and you must see it.  

Here’s why it’s a delicious geek-fest:  

Shane Carruth


– The creator is a geek.  One person, Shane Carruth, wrote, produced, directed, did the music and sound design, edited it over three years, and plays one of the two leads.  

– He made it made for $7,000.  

– The characters are geeks. It’s filled with very detailed dialogue that makes sense if you want to follow it, or just let it breeze by as exposition if you don’t.  

– It’s got an unconventional narrative style that pretty much demands you watch it more than once.   

– There’s a legitimate cult for this film that have filled the interwebs with theories and discussion, so much that they had to close the official forum to new users because it was getting to be too much to handle.  

There’s a lot of technology and crazy mind bending plot, but it’s ultimately a story about human frailty and friendship.   

Links and trailers   

Official Primer Site   

Wikipedia Primer site (SPOILERS)   

Art & Industry article   

Official trailer:   

Scene “The Box”   

Scene “You’re Talking About Making A Bigger One”  SPOILERS   

Someone actually went to the trouble of doing a Primer/Brokeback mashup.   

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  1. Cathryn de Prume
    May 13, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    Thanks for this, it looks great. A feature made for $7000? Wow.

  2. Lady J
    May 27, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    I had forgotten about this film… I always meant to see it and somehow forgot. Thanks for reminding me – can’t wait to check it out!

    • May 27, 2010 at 4:28 pm

      Give it enough time to see it twice! It goes back in the box at the end of May.

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