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iPad week in reviews – Part 1: The Winners

It’s been a week of living with the iPad, and overall I’m surprised how much I really like it.

This is not the DROID you are looking for. (tested.com)

As I wrote last week, the iPad makes an effective eReader for pdf format scripts.  I’ve also downloaded some free and sample books in both Apple’s iBooks store and the Amazon Kindle app for the iPad.  Both are very usable.

I haven’t used a Kindle device at any length, so I can’t say how it compares, but being generally new to the eReader device space, I’m now a fan.  Will the iPad be the best device in this space in a year?  Who knows. 

So in no particular order, here’s the stuff I mostly liked…

iBooks, Kindle for iPad, GoodReader

Ereaders are a winner in general.  The iPad’s sexy sliding interface feels great. I find it very comfortable to read. 

The iPad has a glossy backlit screen that did make me have to adjust my seating and later close the blinds while near a window, but those are minor inconveniences for now.  Haven’t tried it outdoors, but I don’t expect to, my iPad is a homebody.

It is a cold metal device, so the $40 optional cover is nice if you’re going to cozy up with it.

So far no eye strain issues.

The New York Times

I like format better than a standard browser, less cluttered and much more pleasant.  No distractions to the pure reading experience.  However I would like to see them add a Facebook share button. 

First mover advantage will also really help the Times, already I’ve formed a habit that is pushing out Yahoo as my morning news source.  Other news sources coming out with competitive apps will be significantly behind.

Jury still out: Will they get any other advertisers other than the Chase Sapphire Card?  I’m not getting this card, so they’re wasting their ad dollars on me now.


Full disclosure:  I do work for The Walt Disney Company, although I do not work for ABC and did not work on this app.  My opinions are mine and do not reflect the position of my employer.

Very well done interface and experience.  Smooth and slick.

Jury still out: The longest I sat down to watch any video on the device was about fifteen minutes before I got distracted and wanted to do something else.   This applies to not just ABC’s app but video consumption in general on the iPad.  I still think the internet connected TV will be the platform to beat for streaming video delivery. 


(Again, full disclosure, I work for Disney but have no connection to Marvel or this app.  My opinions are mine and do not reflect the position of my employer.)

Gorgeous.  A great combination of standard eReading with pinch/swipe image viewing/zooming.  A very compelling way to read.

I’m not a comic book guy so I only downloaded one free one to check it out.  Getting a second free book required registration, which I didn’t feel like doing at this time, but it looks great on this device.

It may not satisfy the true collector’s fetish of having the physical artifact, but it could create an all new and expensive fetish — which sums up the iPad business model (see Part 3).

Best iPhone apps that work blown up:

Meteors.  Best Asteroids Clone Ever.  Please make an iPad version.

Google Earth.  Would seriously kill with an iPad upgrade, but even the current version blown up is pretty amazing.

Next up, the “Needs Improvement” list. 

I’m looking at you Netflix…

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